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Alexandra M. Gaina

An attorney having practiced various fields of law, Alexandra M. Gaina obtained her University of Montreal diploma in 2013 and was called to the Bar in January 2016. Her academic background includes an International Baccalaureate in Commerce and Marketing, through which she leverages her particular talent for numbers. Alexandra is a member of the Young Bar […]

Catherine Santerre

A member of the Bar of Quebec since 2019, Catherine Santerre obtained her Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Quebec in Montréal. She joined Gasco Goodhue St-Germain in June 2021. Catherine began her career in real estate litigation, more specifically in co-ownership law.  She then developed her practice in civil and commercial litigation, […]

Alina Patru

Alina Patru joined the Gasco Goodhue St-Germain team in April 2021 as a Controller. She is responsible for the general administration of the office spanning the finance department, human resources and IT. Before joining the firm, she spent a few years in the construction industry. She graduated from the University of Montreal majoring economics and […]

Maria-Christina Sorbo-Mayrand

Maria-Christina joined Gasco Goodhue St-Germain in 2021. Her practice will be primarily focused on drafting legal opinions and proceedings and representing clients of the firm before civil courts in matters of insurance law and civil liability. Called to the Bar of Quebec in 2017, Maria-Christina began her career in the litigation department of the Société […]

Lilia Zouari

Lilia Zouari joined Gasco Goodhue St-Germain in 2020. Previously, she began her career practicing in insurance, civil litigation and medical liability. Holding a nursing degree, she practiced in a hospital setting for a few years before obtaining her law degree in 2018 and being admitted to the Barreau du Québec in 2019. As part of her practice, […]