Shanelle Potvin


Graduating from her paralegal program in March 2021, Shanelle quickly found herself working in various fields of law, including family law, youth law, municipal law, civil, real estate and commercial litigation, as well as family mediation.

Starting out as a legal assistant, Shanelle quickly gained experience working for major law firms. Thanks to her attentiveness, patience and attention to detail, her colleagues gave her greater responsibility for the cases in which she worked alongside the lawyers.

Dreaming bigger, Shanelle joined our team in September 2023 now as a paralegal, a position allowing her to reach the pinnacle of her knowledge through legal research and drafting. With her thirst for learning, she is always looking to deepen her knowledge in order to best assist her colleagues in the cases in which she takes part.

  • CDI College, D.E.C. Paralegal Technology, 2021